Security and flexibility are guaranteed with e-payment solutions

Government agencies and businesses understand that when they are responsive to the needs of their constituents and their customers they are easy to do business with.

The CBOSS goal is to ensure it is easy and convenient to safely and securely pay for products and services whether from a government entity or a business of any size.

When governments and businesses integrate-payment processing into their operations, they are not only serving the needs of the public and their customers but leveraging a powerful business tool that ensures cost savings and improved financial management, while generating revenue, all in a secure environment.

Solutions that are flexible and customized for clients

There are a multitude of e-payment solutions but not all are created equal. Many lack the necessary flexibility and others do not feature centralized reporting, auditing, and tracking for effective fiscal control. And some solutions are not scalable enough to accommodate continued, rapid growth.

The CBOSS Central Payment Portal (CPP) is one of the few solutions that  addresses the critical features of flexibility, centralized management, scalability and much more.

The CPP is an amazingly flexible e-payment engine that supports a wide range of transactional applications and gives constituents, taxpayers, and business customers the freedom to make payments quickly and conveniently. The portal solution can process credit and debit cards; electronic checks; paper checks, also known as remote capture; and cash payments.

As an off-the-shelf e-payment portal, the CPP features robust centralized processing and administrative functionality that provides real-time tracking, reporting and auditing. Any transactional application using the CPP as a payment engine can deliver vast improvements in fiscal management and cost savings, and generate new sources of revenue.

Through a common gateway, the CBOSS CPP accepts payments from multiple sources including web, IVR, over-the-counter, kiosk, and check scanning. The system assigns every transaction its own unique tracking ID that is shared with other integrated systems throughout the transaction and settlement process. CPP is also "bank agnostic" meaning it features resident interfaces that allow it to interface with most major financial institutions for funds settlement.

Because it's web-based, the CPP is easily integrated within existing infrastructures and legacy systems and features encryption that ensures the highest level of data integrity and security.

The highest security standards

The CPP is compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security  Standards that provide  the highest level of security in e-payment processing.

Because of its inherent management functionality, the CPP is the optimal replacement to existing financial and transaction management systems.

Customers have the added assurance that the entire transaction process follows a set of industry-standard processes for collection and storage. The CPP securely stores all payment-related information, providing a cost-effective, low-risk solution to customers. CBOSS manages all the hardware, software and support resources associated with operating and maintaining the CPP - 24/7.

Custom applications

Customers also receive the benefit of having CBOSS design and develop any type of custom transactional application needed. A software company specializing in business process and workflow automation, CBOSS can develop a front-end application to suit a customer's specific requirements, including licensing or tax collection, catalog ordering, or invoicing and billing.


We look forward to successfully working on your next project!