Recurring payment solutions offer advantages

CBOSS provides a very powerful revenue solution for customers through its CPP OnTime! module that offers customers the ability to accept recurring payments.

As its name suggests, customers are able to receive their funds in a timely way and, equally important, on a regular basis. There is no float, no mail time, no in-basket time. Customers receive funds immediately, significantly reducing the need to“chase” monies that are due.  For example, customers see the advantages when it comes to estimated tax payments and installment payments.

The module gives customers the ability to pass in predefined data scheduled data through an API. CPP then securely captures the end user’s payment data. CBOSS can provide the department a “token” to store in its application for future repeat recurring payments for a specific customer, eliminating the need to capture the payment information from the user again. This solution ensures customers receive payables regularly and OnTime!


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