Workflow automation streamlines daily business activities

CBOSS is recognized for its expertise in creating solutions for customers that optimize their operations - automating common workflows and business processes.

Research shows that when an organization automates its most common workflows, manual business processes that consume a lot of time and human effort are streamlined. Effectively, customers free up valuable resources to focus on growing their business. That’s the goal of CBOSS: to help customers take their business forward.

CBOSS employs software development and project methodologies that help define a customer’s business requirements and business rules to optimally automate critical workflow processes.

CBOSS was selected as the vendor partner of the Ohio Department of Public Safety Department of Motor Vehicles to design and deploy the next generation online vehicle registration and renewal system. This complex project called upon CBOSS' expertise in workflow automation, custom programming, systems integration and web design. 

Custom programming provides valuable solutions

CBOSS has a proven record of successful custom application programming for the development of workflow process solutions, e-payment solutions, license and registration applications, BPM, and other types of administration portals.

From start to finish, CBOSS helps reduce infrastructure costs, deliver great intelligence to a customers’ business process, boost productivity, and improve responsiveness to a customer’s customer.

These custom solutions streamline business processes to boost employee productivity and profitability.

CBOSS is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner specializing in the Datacenter Competency. Expertise in this critical area provides infrastructure solutions to help run and transform customers’ business operations.

CBOSS strengthens a customer’s operation by providing intelligent software solutions:

  • Automate business processes for improved efficiencies
  • Support applications for licensing and registration, administration, order processing, payment remittance, billing, product development, and logistics
  • Custom application development using industry-standard platforms
  • Improve efficiencies for businesses and governments, large or small.


We look forward to successfully working on your next project!